A flexible academic program.

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Our Standard+ program is designed to give you a flexible academic experience. Not only will you get to live and breathe the life of an American teen for the duration of your fully immersive academic program, but your school placement will be based upon your preferences. Do you want to earn a diploma, play a specific sport, or live in a particular climate? No problem. We’ll curate a list of high schools from across the country that meet your needs. Pick whichever one you like best!

  • Low cost academic experience

  • Choose to earn a diploma, play a sport, or enjoy a climate

  • Tailored school placement – pick your favorite of 3!

Have a specific school in mind?
Check out our Choice program.

Traveling to America to study with CIEE is an experience you’ll remember forever. Whether you live with your host family on a ranch in Colorado, a small town in the heartland of the Midwest, or the suburbs of an exciting city like Austin, Texas, you’ll experience everyday life in America. You and your host family are encouraged to make the most of the opportunity by getting involved in the community, meeting people, and making friends.

At school, you’ll attend classes, join clubs and sports teams, and volunteer. Every CIEE student takes English and American history classes. Beyond that, CIEE participants study the same subjects as U.S. students – math, science, art, band, literature, computers, athletics, and more. You’ll also join your classmates in extracurricular activities of your choosing. In short, you will live the life of an American teen!

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At CIEE, our goal is to match you with a host family that will give you a home away from home. That means an open-minded, friendly, and caring environment no matter where you live – from rural Montana all the way to downtown New York.

What you can expect:

  • A bed and bedroom (you might share the room)
  • An appropriate place to study
  • 3 meals a day
  • Assistance in coordinating transportation
  • Ongoing family support

Optional upgrades:
Do you want a single room? Or to be the only exchange student in the house? Upgrade your experience with our custom options.

Custom Options

To ensure you have the best possible experience, we offer a number of optional upgrades available for a fee:

Single room
Get a private room in your host family’s residence.

Single student host family
Be the only exchange student in your host family’s home.

Personal travel agent
Get help booking your flights, transfers, and more.

Go to New York for 3 days before your program begins!

Support Services

  • Local Coordinators (LCs)

    LCs are available for the duration of your program to help you integrate into your host community and succeed at your host school. They act as mentor, ambassador, facilitator, troubleshooter, and friend.

  • 24/7 Multilingual Support

    Not only does our professionally trained staff speak your language, but they’re available by phone around the clock for emergency support.

  • Supportive Host Family

    Host families are carefully selected to be both cultural ambassadors and surrogate parents. As such, you can rely on them to help you adjust and succeed.

Eligibility and Expenses

There are a few simple requirements you need to meet in order to study in the United States with CIEE:

  • Be between 15 to 18½ years old, and enrolled in high school in your home country
  • Have basic practical skills in both spoken and written English
  • Have completed at least three years of English instruction
  • Have not failed a year of school or an English language course in the past three years

View additional rules and policies.

Your program fee includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Basic living expenses
  • Travel health insurance

What’s not included:

Our program fee is all-inclusive in the sense that it covers all your necessities, as listed above. However, personal expenses – shopping, going to the movies, or having a meal with friends – are not covered. Plan for a minimum of $125 to $250 per month. 

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