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An industry-leading exchange program tailored to you.

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CIEE High School USA offers something for everyone – from one-year cultural exchanges to academically robust programs that give you the competitive edge on college applications. For more information, choose a program below.

  • Exchange

    A fully immersive cultural exchange program lasting one year. Live and breathe the life of an American teen!

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  • Standard

    A fully immersive academic exchange program. Not only will you live the life of an American teen, but you’ll earn a diploma.

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  • Standard+

    Like our Standard program, except you get the opportunity to earn a diploma, play a sport, or choose your climate.

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  • Choice

    A low-cost cultural exchange

    A flexible academically-focused exchange program. You get to pick both your location and your school – perfect for students who know where they want to study.

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  • Premier

    The ultimate academic experience. Choose everything about your program: where and what you study, who you live with, and so much more.

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