Earn $100 – Refer a Local Coordinator Today

Do you know someone who loves cultural exchange and wants to work from home? Someone who would love to support host families, exchange students, and their own communities as they embark on a shared international adventure?

Refer a Local Coordinator to CIEE and we will even give you $100.*


A CIEE Local Coordinator (LC) is trained to facilitate the exchange of cultures, traditions, and languages by recruiting and supporting local host families in and around their communities. These families in turn host exchange students from all over the world. The LC is there every step of the way to guide and support the families, students, and high schools for the duration of the exchange.

No experience required; all training provided by CIEE.

*Paid when the person referred becomes a fully-trained Local Coordinator and makes at least one placement.

Refer a Local Coordinator


The many benefits of being an LC for CIEE include:

  • Flexible hours and the opportunity to work from home
  • Experiencing cultures from all over the world
  • Connecting with your community in unique and exciting ways
  • Comprehensive training and professional development opportunities – including the chance to travel abroad with CIEE
  • Working with teenagers from around the world and introducing them to your American community and culture