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  • Intro to Me!
    By Aishna D.
    Hey! My name is Aishna and I will be spending my senior year/ gap year/ I don’t know what this year actually is in Germany on the CBYX scholarship. I...keep reading
    By Tiernan G.
    Just when I thought I knew what my life was, when I thought I knew everything there is to know about myself and the people around me, I went on...keep reading
    By Tiernan G.
    After spring break, I had three days of school and then it was off to my internship! At my school, all 11th graders get the chance to find an internship...keep reading
  • Prom time!
    By Pawarathe B.
    One of the biggest event during your exchange year in the United States is undoubtedly the Prom. If you're lucky to have gone to other formal dances, you'd have an...keep reading
  • Was it too Easy?
    By Frida Bossen V.
    Was it too easy? How do I get ten months of experience down to one post? Impossible, but only till it’s done, right? Let’s go back to where it all...keep reading
    The Season of the Witch
    By Marli W.
    If I had known that coming to Germany would mean twice as much Halloween, I wouldn’t have even given Spain a second thought when I was looking into spending a...keep reading