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  • The Bundestag and Berlin
    By Samantha J.
    A couple of weeks ago, my host family and I were contacted by my Bundestag representative (the person that represents my region at the German parliament in Berlin), Herr Christian...keep reading
  • Welcome to my Second Family
    By Frida Bossen V.
    Let me introduce you to my host family, since it’s one of the biggest part of your exchange year, and therefore also a big part of you. I have a...keep reading
    month 6
    By Andrea M.
    In this month’s post I’d like to talk about our relationships with our local coordinators, and who they are. Local coordinator is a person that is there for you from...keep reading
  • Positive mind, Positive life.
    By Ana Gabriela C.
    On this blog post, I'm going to talk about my experience with my host family and local coordinator. I just remember that day when I received the mail... "You have...keep reading
  • The Holidays in Germany
    By Marli W.
    Have you ever been to the home decoration section of a store around Christmastime, and among the glittering red, silver, and green ornaments discovered… a pickle? So the story goes,...keep reading
  • Six Months In...
    By Victoria N.
    I have been in Germany for six months now. As the weeks pass, I feel more and more at home. Granted, living in a foreign country, away from family and...keep reading