Three Months in America!

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Julia S.

Julia S.

Do you know when you wish something so much and for so long that when you reach it, you have your doubts if it's really happening or if it's just a dream? Well, that's exactly what I've been feeling for three months.

I still remember the feeling I carried with me while I was entering in the airplane on August 19, 2019. It stayed in my memory because of the fear I felt of going  to an unknown place, the huge smile that I carried because my dream was coming true, the sadness that I felt because I was not surrounded by people who I love and love me too anymore. And it stayed with me because of the pride I felt, pride of myself that reflected in my eyes because I had such courage.

If there is any synonym for the words Exchange Student Program, it probably is “learning”. Learning because every day we live a new experience, every day we fall and get up by ourselves, every day we learn that life hurts more than our mother's scolding and teaches more than any teacher.

In those three months I learned that there is nothing prettier than the yellow trees in the fall and that even in the summer it was possible that I freezed with the six celsius degrees of this little town, which now I can call home.

I learned that school is not exactly the same as High School Musical and for me who was used to wake up at six in the morning every day, getting up an hour later was actually hard.

I learned that living with three sisters is also synonymous of fun and that there is nothing better than M&M’s Bars and Reese’s pieces, I promise you that.

I learned how to ask trick or treat, how to ride a bike, do flip turns, and I understood how much I missed ballet in my life. I learned to learn how to not care about what other people think, and that self-love is also a daily achievement.

But most important of all, I learned that my heart could belong to two homes, in opposite hemispheres, in distant countries, and that family goes far beyond than just DNA.

"7 months left," is a phrase that already hurts me but, thank you, Oregon, for the best ninety days of my life!


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