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Airi S.

Airi S.


I’m Japanese high school student Airi and I’m 16 years old.

I have been interested in foreign countries since I was child. When I was 1st grade of high school, I joined an exchange program, and I went to America for a week. In America, I interacted with American students, host family and so on. Through the interaction, I was able to learn many way of thinking that different to me. It was interesting, and I though I want to learn more!

Not just that, in America, I introduced about Japan and my hometown Okinawa. Some one knew about Japan but no one knew about Okinawa. It is really sad for me because I’m proud of my hometown, and I decided to spread Japanese and Okinawa’s cultures through the study abroad.

After it decided that I can go America as an exchange student, I was excited and nervous. It was happy for me to learn in America a year, on the other hand it was nervous for me to leave family or friends. However now, I’m not nervous because I have many people support me! They are my family, friends, host family and organization of study abroad. I stick to my study abroad, and I grow more more than now! Please follow me. We may grow together through this blog!!


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