Packing For Germany: “Leichtes Gepäck”

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Dausny C.

Dausny C.


Silbermond, a popular rock alternative German band, song “Leichtes Gepäck” understands that it's easier to travel with light luggage. As someone who likes to be over-prepared, its hard. I have had to strategically plan what clothing articles that I will take.

However, I have objects that I will take with me to Germany.

For example, Frau Smart, my German teacher, gifted me a journal. I will document my experiences.

Some entries that I have in the Journal extend from my goals to my host family.  It's important to be able to recognize one's emotions so then they can confront issues maturely.


Another item that I’m bringing is my FCCLA shirt. The memories and friendships that I made in the club continue to this day. The FCCLA shirt will serve as a pushing force to get out of my comfort zone. The shirt will remind me of the opportunities that I took to better myself. I participated in Star Events to work on my public speaking skills and to connect with other FCCLA participants. Just like with FCCLA, I want this journey to push me to become a better version of myself through the opportunities I will take.

I am excited and a little nervous about what the future may bring, but that's what it makes it's interesting. This year will transform and teach me about the world. Everything that I thought knew will tumble and break, but all of that destruction is to show how much I’ve grown and how much of growth I have to do.Sometimes we need a spark to realize our potential.

Until then

Dausny Cruz


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