A Cool Review For My Cool Kentucky

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Qingyang L.

My host mum looks sooooo cool when she is in charge of our two crazy dogs (Though I never knew that dogs can be so fond of eating books...), teaching me how to do make up and making me a gorgeous curved hair for the first time in my whole life...(and probably also when she is coming to pick me when I miss the schoolbus).

My host dad is such a good cook that I'm almost on the way of becoming a professional photographer only for those tempting food.

Marvin (probably the craziest cat in the world) is such a weirdo that we love him sooooooo much.

Who can imagine?

Back to that day, I even couldn't tell that the woman standing there, blonde hair and adorable, is the same person with the one on the photo (which was posted on the host family information sheet). And she is Cassie!

Probably because we lived on the different sides of the earth\because I'm yellow and you're white...\Because we are not familiar.

Without hugs, even without shaking hands - 'totally' different from what I've heard about  (that Americans are always super enthusiastic). You were just smiling at me, quietly but friendly, gently but amicably...just relieved me of my nervousness.

That's my first impression.

That's the place I'm living in now. I love the Cane's, the barbrcue chicken, Mod Pizza...McDonald is quite similar with the one in China.

I love the soothing scenery, the strings of houses and trees, the dreams among the stars and the sunset slanting in streams.

I love Les Mis and I love the song my old kentucky home.


I love this place. I love Kentucky.

This Wider, flatter, peaceful and ravishingly pretty place.







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