2 months has passed since I came here

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Miho K.


 2 months has passed since I left my homecountry. I'm enjoying studyng abroad.

First of all, I played volleyball this season so I made many awesome friends who played volleyball and I enjoyed playing it. I wached football game for the first time at my school. We play soccer in my country, so I didn't know rule of football, but I can enjoy watching it more because I wached it a lot! And, I'm going to play basketball this winter season. I played it in Japan, so I'm really looking for playing it and I could enjoy more!

My hostfamily took me to the Missouri State Fair. I saw many farm animals and I felt American fair for the first time. And I swam in a lake for the first time, that was really fun and ecxited!! I thought I could swim here next summer. So I had really fun time shortly I came here.

American schools have a great event in fall season. That's the homecoming!! I decolated my t-shirt to support my friends for princess at her home. That was a little party, but It's so fun. And, my school has  a special week which is homecoming week. The special week has hat day, pink day, favorite movie character day, pajama day, and school color day: we were supposed to wear somothing in yellow and black. After the homecoming football game, we had a dance party. I borrowed a dress from my host sister, and they helped me to make up. The party was so fun. At first I was embarressed  to dance but my friends encouraged me to do it then I was able to dance it easily. Thanks to my friends, I enjoyed the party.

And, I decolated many halloween cake with my hostfamily. That was really delicious and fun!

I want to say only that I'm enjoying this program so far!!

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