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The DS-7002

Completing the DS-7002 is a key part of the process. We encourage host organizations and participants to discuss their training plans in detail to ensure a successful experience. Our trained and experienced staff are available to help!


Save Your Work! The forms on this page are fillable, saveable PDFs. You can type the information, save it to your computer, and update it later as needed. However, if you wish to do this, please be sure to check your computer settings before typing any information. Some PDF readers either do not allow you to save your work, or do not function correctly when viewing a file online. We recommend saving a copy of the file to your computer before attempting to type in any information.

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DS-7002 for Hospitality and Tourism Interns/Trainees

Given the unique nature of practical training within the fields of hospitality and tourism, the Department of State has specific requirements for internships and training positions in this field. Before filling out the DS-7002 for an Intern or Trainee position in hospitality or tourism, please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Overall Program Duration: In nearly all cases, participation in hospitality or tourism fields will be limited to a maximum of 12 months. The only exception will be for those programs that focus strictly on hospitality management skills, in which case a Trainee applicant may undertake a program of up to 18 months.
  • Rotations/Phases: To highlight the varied skill sets and functional areas in which an intern will participate, all hospitality and tourism programs of more than six months in duration need to include at least three different phases. The different phases should be based on departmental or functional rotations. Please note that tasks of a more basic or manual nature are typically not allowed unless part of an overall plan of professional development. Any phase of a basic or manual nature must also be limited in duration.
  • Housekeeping: No housekeeping phase can last longer than six weeks.

Please use the outline below when filling out a hospitality or tourism DS-7002.

Section 1: Participant Information

  • Participant Information: This section pertains to the Trainee/Intern and may be filled out by you or the applicant. Please complete the "Training/Internship Dates” section.
  • Site of Activity Information: Please complete this section in its entirety.
    • Hours Per Week: All interns and trainees are required to train for at least 32 hours per week.
    • Employer ID Number: Your organization must have an Employer ID number before hosting.
    • DUNS Number: this field is optional and may be left blank if you do not have your company’s Dun & Bradstreet Number available, or if your company does not have one.
  • All fields relating to the Sponsor should be left blank. These are for CIEE use only.
  • Number of Full-Time Employees: Indicate how many full-time employees your company has companywide in the U.S.
  • Annual Revenue: Indicate the annual revenue of your company companywide in the U.S.

Section 4: Training/Internship Placement Plan

  • Brief Description of Trainee/Intern’s Role:
    This section should be a broad high level description of the training (not detailed). One to two sentences is fine.
  • Specific Goals and Objectives for this Phase:
    This section should be focused on answering what (not how) the training will accomplish for the participant, and NOT WHAT THE PARTICIPANT WILL DO FOR THE COMPANY. This is a subtle difference but very important to keep in mind. The training goal needs to show what will be learned by the participant. REMEMBER: These are high level goals, and not the details of what will be taught.
  • 1.) What specific knowledge, skills or techniques will be learned?
    This section should support the answer above with greater detail. This is where you want to add a few brief sentences to explain the knowledge, skills or techniques related to the field that will be learned by the participant if they achieve the goals of the training. Form asks for:
  • 2.) What plans are in place for the trainee/intern to participate in American cultural activities?
    As a Host Organization, you are responsible for delivering an intentional cultural experience as part of your trainee/intern’s experience. It is not enough to simply allow them to be incidentally involved in American culture. You must intentionally provide on this training plan an American cultural experience. Here are some examples to get you started: conference/lecture, company happy hour, dinner at a coworker’s home, concert, movie premier/fashion show, company-sponsored events (i.e. bowling, golfing, softball, etc.), sporting events, museum visits, holiday party, BBQ/picnic, cultural festival, or company clubs/groups.
  • 3.) How, specifically, will these knowledge, skills or techniques be taught?…
    In this section, instead of answering what the training will teach the participant, you need to answer how you will conduct the training. You could have a classroom component where specific information is taught, or perhaps the participant will be partnered with a staff member in the company to shadow various tasks and responsibilities. Be sure that how you are training the participant is relevant to what they need to learn as stated in previous sections.
  • Methods of supervision. Who will provide daily supervision of the trainee or intern and what are their qualifications to impart the planned learning during this phase?
    Please make sure to include the name of the supervisor (the same supervisor listed on the first page), the supervisor’s title, and the supervisor’s qualifications. When listing the methods of supervision, please keep in mind that this should not include methods of evaluation. It is to state how the participant will be supervised. You could list how often the supervisor and participant meet, where they will meet, what will be discussed and how it aligns with the objectives of the training. You could also list how and when the participant can access their supervisor.
  • Methods of Performance Evaluation. How will the Trainee or Intern’s acquisition of new skills and competencies be measured during this phase?
    In this section, we want to see how the Supervisor/Host Organization is evaluating the performance of the participant against the goals and objectives stated in this training plan. What metrics will be considered to understand that the training is a success or not? This needs to be in place so that both the participant and the Host Organization are agreed on this evaluation process and in order to ensure a successful measurable outcome to the program.

Final Page – Additional Host Organization Information

The last page of the DS-7002 is a CIEE-generated page that includes information required by the Department of State. You must complete this page in its entirety, except in those cases where the information does not apply. Your organization’s eligibility for hosting is determined by the information provided here.

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