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Interns & Trainees

Provide structured, on-the-job training to qualified international candidates for up to 18 months while promoting the value of cross-cultural exchange. We offer programs for international students, recent graduates and working professionals—making it possible for U.S. companies to create a more dynamic and international workplace.

Host an International Intern or Trainee

CIEE is designated as a program sponsor by the U.S. Department of State.

Our internship program participants receive one of these two categories of the J-1 visa:

Internship USA

(J-1 Intern Visa)

For students and recent graduates
Program Length: Up to 12 Months

Professional Career Training USA

(J-1 Trainee Visa)

For young professionals
Program Length: Up to 18 Months

Why Host An International Intern or Trainee?

Diversity: Having people from different cultures and backgrounds creates a more dynamic professional environment that fosters new ideas and ways of doing business. International interns are highly motivated individuals who bring fresh energy into any place of work.

Local Knowledge and Perspective: Hosting an Intern/Trainee from a country or region in which you currently do business—or intend to do business—can provide you with practical insights and a cultural exchange that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Talent Development & Global Mobility: If your company has a presence in other countries, the J-1 Intern/Trainee Programs can also serve as a way to facilitate training and provide a cultural learning experience for employees of sister or parent companies at U.S. locations. For companies expanding into new countries, the programs can also aid in developing local talent to drive growth in those markets. Participants then return to their employer in their home country with the skills and experience gained in the U.S. to succeed in business and positively contribute to their employer.

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