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The Experience

Learn how to leverage new and traditional media to impact social change in glorious Seville.

People across Spain are embracing all types of media in novel ways to build social awareness and advance causes. Working with CIEE professors, you and your peers will uncover powerful social forces at work in Spain, Europe, and even your own country.

You’ll live and learn in the beautiful Andalusian city of Seville. A vibrant location of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Seville has a rich cultural heritage and landmark art and architecture. Explore Seville’s cultural fabric by visiting shops, markets, and cafés while practicing your Spanish conversational skills.

Your local host family will be your home base during your stay. Together you’ll prepare and share meals, go shopping, learn local customs, and enjoy family routines and recreation. This is also a valuable way to get insight into how family members use and interact with new and traditional media.

Bridge artistic skills with social causes.
Live in a dynamic center of arts and culture.

The Destination

Go deep into this vibrant center of culture, in Spain’s beautiful Andalusian region.

Explore Seville as you practice Spanish and take in the flamenco beat and the grace of the city’s Moorish architecture.

Seville is home to three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is rich in cultural history. The Seville Cathedral, one of the three largest churches in the world, is a must-see. The 15th-century building, which sits on the former site of a 12-century mosque, is the final resting place of Christopher Columbus.

Eat tapas, watch a football (soccer) match, soak up the sun, walk the streets, and study the architectural splendor around you.

Find cultural landmarks on every corner
Visit famous churches and cathedrals
Hit the streets after class

The Take-Aways

  • A deep understanding of new media’s evolution into a tool for driving social change
  • Broader digital-narrative skills, including analyzing, visualizing, performing, practicing collective intelligence, networking, and negotiating
  • Personal and collaborative media projects
  • A certificate of learning in Digital Filmmaking and Documentary
Equip yourself with professional skills, global experience, and an impressive piece to add to your portfolio.

Sample Activities & Excursions

Get excited about all the things you could do during your time abroad! sample itinerary

  • Explore the beautiful city of Seville with tours led by CIEE staff and local professors.
  • Visit architectural and historical landmarks like the Alcázar of Seville, Plaza de España, and Seville Cathedral.
  • Survey Seville’s amazing art treasures, including masterworks at the Museum of Fine Arts by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, Francisco Pacheco, Francisco de Zurbarán, and Juan de Valdés Leal.
Find eternal sunshine at the coast
Take cooking classes with a local chef
  • Take a walking tour of Seville’s trendy art scene and remarkable urban graffiti.
  • Urban kayaking sound fun? Go on a kayaking trip up the Guadalquivir River, which runs through the heart of Seville.
  • Take cooking classes with local chefs. Enjoy making dishes like paella, tortilla Española or patatas bravas – and then enjoy tasting your culinary creations!
  • Put your best foot forward and try some flamenco lessons at a local dance studio. What have you got to lose?
  • Get to know even more of Spain through fun group excursions to Granada, Cádiz, and Aracena.
Take in the sights on tours with friends

Meet the Staff

Raquel Burgos

Resident Director

Raquel Burgos is the Director of our High School Abroad program in Spain. Born and raised in Seville, Spain, Raquel started her journey at CIEE as an intern 10 years ago in Portland, Maine. From intern to Study Abroad Enrollment Assistant, Student Services Coordinator in Seville, and Support Coordinator and then Support Manager at the home office in Portland, Raquel has worn many different hats. Through that diverse experience, she has gained the necessary knowledge, language and cultural expertise, management training, and conflict mediation skills to effectively support participants and/or resolve any crisis that might arise. Raquel now lives in Seville with her husband and their son.

Jorge Rodríguez

Program Coordinator

Jorge Rodríguez, a native Sevillian, earned his undergraduate degree in education from the Universidad de Sevilla. He started working for CIEE in 2004 during orientations with students and thereafter in several different departments of CIEE.

He is currently the program assistant for the Liberal Arts and Teaching Development programs. He has also run the Summer Language and Culture program for several years. Jorge participated in a professional development staff exchange with the University of Oregon.

Cristina Gonzalez

Program Coordinator

Cristina Gonzalez joined CIEE in 2011. Her enthusiasm and love for international education made her the face of CIEE Sevilla as the receptionist. Her willingness to help others made her collaborate with many departments gaining many skills along the way. She led the Leadership Academy program in 2013 and has been coordinating the High School Summer Abroad program since 2015. She has been assisting the Advanced Liberal Arts program since 2014 and made numerous contributions to the improvement of this program. Cristina will be leading now the Gap Year Abroad program.

Cristina received her B.A. in Geography from the University of Seville in 2009, and her master’s degree in Sustainable Management in 2014. She loves spending time with her husband and young daughter. She also enjoys connecting with nature and strolling through handmade markets.

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