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Our Priority, 24/7

Our No. 1 priority is the welfare of students in our programs. With nearly 70 years of experience running international education and exchange programs all over the world, you can trust us to provide healthy and safe study abroad experiences.

We back this up with:

  • Annual safety evaluations of every program
  • Comprehensive information to help applicants make informed decisions when they select programs
  • Informative student orientations that include tips on reducing risk and handling difficult situations
  • Continuous monitoring of local conditions by program staff members

In country, our CIEE support teams, local staff members, host families, and program leaders work together to keep all students safe. You’ll be equipped with a local cell phone to allow you to get in touch as need be. In addition, the staff at our headquarters in Portland, Maine, is on call 24/7 to provide students and parents with emergency support and resolve issues.

As a founding member of the Interassociational Advisory Committee on Safety and Responsibility in Study Abroad, we also work with other industry leaders and professionals to assess current safety policies and develop new ones, leading the way for the field of international education. Our central Risk Management Team coordinates all CIEE staff training in health, safety, and security.

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