Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification

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Want to live your best life and be location independent?

Getting TEFL certified with CIEE is your first step to doing just that! CIEE’s internationally recognized and accredited Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses will not only prepare you for the classroom; but also guide you on how to navigate a foreign culture.

Use this certification to get a teaching job abroad, or earn some extra cash teaching online. The certification never expires, so you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and certification forever. That’s the real deal!

Download the Definitive Guide to TEFL


Think TEFL might be for you but still have questions? Download our Definitive Guide to TEFL. It has the answers to all your TEFL questions – from whether a TEFL certification will help you to reach your goals to which course is right for you. Get the Definitive Guide to TEFL now.




Contact Allie Freed, TEFL Operations Coordinator,
afreed@ciee.org or 207-274-5711.