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Open The World To Your Friends. Together, Share The Rewards.

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Still daydreaming about your international experience with CIEE? Today, your passion for intercultural exchange and your love of travel can broaden your friends’ horizons forever and earn you cash rewards!

As a CIEE alum, you can now share a $200 discount on CIEE TEFL's flagship 150-hour TEFL Certification with your friends. This course will prepare them to “Teach English as a Foreign Language” and kickstart a virtuous circle of rewards for both you and your friends!

  • $200 FOR YOU

    For every successful referral, receive a $200 cash reward. There are no limits on the number of cash rewards you can get!


    Each of your friend can get $200 off the best online TEFL Certification course on the market.


    A TEFL certification never expires and will help your friends earn extra income in the U.S. or abroad. As alumni, they can start earning rewards too!

Get Started

Here's what you need to do to take the next steps:
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    Refer as many friends as you want by entering your friends’ emails on the form provided or generate your own referral link to post on your social media feeds or your email signature. 

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    Keep tabs on active referrals in your own dashboard! For every friend who takes our 150-hour TEFL certification course, you get a $200 cash rewards.

If you have not earned a TEFL certification yet, remember that you too are eligible for a $200 alumni discount! 
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What can i do to maximize my rewards?

There are no limits on the number of friends you can refer, or rewards you can earn through the CIEE Alumni Rewards Program. As long as your referrals are successful (i.e your friend applies to our 150-hour TEFL Certification Course but also starts the program and submits his/her first assignment), you qualify for a $200 cash reward!
Instead of just relying on emails, get your own referral link in your MyCIEE account and start listing it in places where your network can see it!

  • Add it to your email default signature
  • Pin it to the top pf your social media feeds
    • Create a post about it and pin it to the top of your feed (Download some of our photos to post, or use your own)
    • Don’t forget to add your unique URL to the caption or your link in bio (on Instagram)!
  • Share it with your broader network
    • Send a note with this link to your neighborhood listserv
    • Post it on your school or company digital board for classified ads
    • Share it with your WhatsApp groups

What’s a TEFL certification?

Getting TEFL certified is the first step to becoming a teacher of English as a foreign language. It opens doors to paid teaching positions abroad, online, or even at home. At a time when traditional college-age jobs are scarce but online teaching opportunities are rising, having a TEFL certification is more valuable than ever. In just a few weeks, your friends will:

  • Learn how to teach English and engage with a multicultural classroom
  • Develop interpersonal communication skills
  • Boost their resume and earning potential
  • Be able to travel the world with a purpose and on a pay check!

Excited and eager to learn more about TEFL?

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As a CIEE alum, you understand the value of intercultural exchange. This program was designed to thank alumni like you for spreading the word about CIEE and our TEFL Certification Course! The only requirement for you to participate to this reward program is to be a CIEE alum. Simply log into your MyCIEE account, and you’ll see a new referral section.


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Nope! This program is open to CIEE TEFL, Teach English Abroad, and College Study Abroad alumni (from 2015 onward). If you have not taken the course yourself, we hope you’ll consider it too! You are eligible for a $200 CIEE Alumni discount on our 150-hour TEFL Certification Course and if you’re reading this far, you know how life-changing that certification can be!


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In order to qualify as a referral, your friend will need to open an application via the unique referral link you shared with them, so that both of your accounts show as connected in our system. Once they enroll in our 150-hour TEFL Certification Course, complete the first week of the course and turn in their first assignment, you are eligible for a $200 cash reward. TEFL courses run all year long and there’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer. If you have lots of like-minded friends, you could get hundreds of dollars in rewards in no time, all with the satisfaction of helping your friends skill up. Read our terms and conditions for payout schedule.