What is CIEE’s 30-Hour TEFL Course?

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A TEFL course in just 30 hours? It sounds a little crazy, but this isn’t your average TEFL course. This course is specially made for current and future English teachers out there who are looking to specialize in a specific age group, enhance your resume further and attain a level of expertise.  This is for any TEFL student who wants more out of their TEFL training to give their students the best education they can.

What is the course all about?

The 30-hour TEFL course is dedicated to age specific TEFL training. Here, you have the option to focus on young learners, teens or adults for 30 hours of training. Each age group learns completely differently! Therefore, we have three different options for you to choose from. In this course you’ll get to know the best practices to teach your students both younger and older!

The course will vary depending on the age group you’re covering. However, a few of the main topics that will be covered are:

Age-Specific Pedagogy

How do you teach listening skills to young learners? How do you teach reading to a teenager? Learn skills in teaching English to young learners, teens or adults.

Classroom Management

How are adult learners motivated? What is the best way to discipline your teenage learner? Develop tools to successfully manage a classroom of young learners, teens or adults.

Lesson Planning

This one might seem simple, but have you considered deeply what will resonate with an adult audience? Better yet, do you even know what the teens are up to these days? (Well, we don’t either) But, don’t fret, we’ll help you prepare lessons for age-specific audiences.

Who should take this course?

Maybe you’re currently teaching English to a group of teenagers and you want to know more about how teens learn; this would be the course for you! Or maybe you’re currently training to become an English teacher in the future, and you know that you’ll oversee a group of eager young learners; this course would assist you in getting that helpful extra training.

While our flagship 150-hour TEFL certification course covers just about everything you’d to prepare you to teach English, with different age groups, there will always be nuances. That’s why we’ve developed a course that will take care all those age specific details.

The 30- hour TEFL course might be able to tell you EXACTLY what the teens are up to these days, but it will help you teach them English, and that’s what really matters.


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