Ways to Use Your TEFL Certification (That isn’t Teaching Abroad)

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A TEFL certification isn’t just a great way to teach abroad, it’s an investment for a lifetime career in international education. But believe it or not, it can also open job opportunities right here in the United States. So, when you return home, you can continue to utilize the skills learned from your certification training in more ways than one including:

Teaching English Online

Teaching English can be done anywhere in the world—even from your own home! This is a great way to make some extra cash and continue to use your certification to help others learn English. If you’re passionate about teaching English but need a way to do it on your schedule, teaching online is a great way to go. You have the ability to make your own hours and work as much or as little as your schedule allows!

Private Tutoring

There are many non-native English-speaking families in the United States and parents who are seeking private English tutoring for their children. This might be a bit of an adjustment for those who are used to instructing a classroom, but the need for private English tutors in the United States is there! Much like teaching English online, giving private English lessons is a great way to work part time as an English instructor.

Outside of the United States the demand for private English tutors is even higher! Many au pairs working abroad help families and their children with private English lessons. Having a TEFL certification might give you a leg-up on other au pairs seeking work and could even assist in negotiating a higher salary.

Adult Education

Just because you live in the United States doesn’t mean you’re a native English speaker. There are many adults who have immigrated to the United States who are looking to learn to speak English and better adjust into society. These adults are looking to learn English for their everyday lives, businesses and careers. With such a high number of immigrants and refugees joining major cities across the US, English classes can be found at community colleges, community centers, local libraries and local language centers. This is a fantastic way to continue to put your TEFL to good use and help those right in your community.

A TEFL Certification Never Expires

Having a TEFL certification can open a lifetime of education opportunities. All it takes is looking in the right places! Although seeking positions in the US might take a little more effort than abroad, they are out there. Take the initiative and continue to teach no matter where your life takes you!

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