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*TEFL 3.0 has been nominated for a 2019 GoAbroad Innovation Award.*

This award recognizes innovation in international education and idnetifies our TEFL 3.0 initiative for its efforts to address the growing need of English teachers who can adapt and teach to a diverse and multicultural student population.

Read on to learn more about we look to continuously improve our course through the TEFL 3.0 initiative:  

By the year 2020, predictions estimate the number of English Language Learner’s will grow to a staggering 2 billion. Six years ago, CIEE TEFL set out with a mission to help create a more accessible world by empowering students with English language teaching expertise to confidently navigate the global classroom. After growing our family of 350,000 alumni worldwide, the industry has faced many changes and demands continue to rise. Evolution in the language learning industry is primarily linked to three trends: (1) multicultural understanding, (2) virtual learning, and (3) the unique skills desired in the field of English language teaching. 

TEFL 3.0 serves to meet the needs and demands of the rapidly changing industry.

Multicultural Understanding:

The first initiative undertaken serves to provide specific multicultural training designed to empower all teachers with the ability, confidence and knowledge to step into any classroom around the globe, regardless of background or origin, and feel prepared to teach.

We challenge students to reflect on their own culture and language to develop a deeper and more empathic understanding of their students. These new additions highlight the importance of the connection between these two elements. Recognizing these factors helps teachers to learn how to adjust and modify teaching strategies to match the specific needs driven by cultural context.

Virtual Learning:

It’s no secret that the online learning is all the rage and TEFL is in the game. The online field of TEFL is rapidly growing an online presence. TEFL 3.0 is a promise to our students and an investment in the integrity of course. Where other online courses fail to meet expectations, TEFL 3.0 goes above and beyond.

New additions to our course attest to the efficacy of content acquisition, internalization and implementation.  Our course thrives on the importance of interaction and student engagement. For this reason, TEFL 3.0 is being developed with a strong Community of Inquiry (CoI): cognitive presence, social presence and teaching presence. The importance of each is weighted equally and contributes to meeting learning objectives. Asynchronous interaction is available and encouraged among peers and tutors to provide students access to a strong CoI. The opportunity for authentic communication allows peers to engage in relevant conversation to help promote deeper learning, which in turn yields both higher perceived learning outcomes and higher learner satisfaction.

Unique Skills Desired in the Field:

As TEFL 3.0 advances, we never lose sight of our goal: to prepare teachers both in and outside the classroom. The industry is vast and encompasses a range of international educator roles (principals, counselors, pedagogical directors, administrative staff, social workers, immigration advisors, and many more). In each position, strong communication skills are a must. TEFL 3.0 aims to support and reach those seeking alternative positions. By creating content for international educators and integrating it seamlessly into our course, students learn how to improve the necessary skills for communication and how to provide better and more effective support and coaching services.  

Here at CIEE TEFL, we are proud of what we do. We believe in inspiring real change through TEFL. As the industry evolves, so do we. TEFL 3.0 intends to provide students with what they deserve: the best.


The GoAbroad Innovation New programs - Teach Abroad/TEFL award recognizes programs or innitiatvies that create a unique experience or address a need/challenge in the Teach Abroad/TEFL industry. Nominees are evaluated based on current innitiatives or programs, how it stands out from other resources in the field, and its overall impact on the participant experience. Winners will be announced at the GoAbroad Reception during the NAFSA Annual Conference in Washington D.C later in May.  Learn more about the GoAbroad Innovation awards here.

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