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Earning your TEFL certification is just the first step to amazing international opportunities. However, finding the time and location to complete your practicum can be daunting.  But what if there was a way to complete your practicum in just two weeks? And what if you could complete it in a location that will mirror the real-world experience of teaching abroad? CIEE offers a guided practicum program which allows you to finish your TEFL certification in the stunning location of Rome, Italy.

TEFL in Italy

TEFL in Italy is a program where participants are given the opportunity to enroll in a 190-Hour TEFL course and complete the final 60 hours for two weeks in Rome, Italy. These two weeks will be spent gaining 40 hours of instruction from mentors and teachers, and 20 hours will be spent completing your practicum.  The practicum hours will be mixed in with your instruction so that you are able to get the most out of your training.

The rest of the time is yours. Eat fresh pizza on your lunch break, enjoy an outdoor café in the evening, visit the Colosseum, explore cobble stone streets and eat gelato. Lots and lots of gelato.

What’s Included

Those who wish to enroll in the 150 Hour flagship course, also have the option to forgo the 20 hours of practicum and complete the whole thing abroad. Along with this, participants will be given pre-departure assistance, an Italian Social Security Card and in-country support during their stay. This includes packing advice, tips for public transportation and more. The in-country support is there 24/7 in-case of emergency. Participants will also be given a transportation pass to get around Rome, as well as insurance for their travel. For those looking to continue teaching abroad, job assistance and advice will be available from CIEE staff.

Why Destination TEFL?

The opportunity to travel to Italy might speak for itself but allow us to elaborate on that a bit more. These two weeks will be spent doing far more than vacationing, they will be spent gaining real-world experience while earning your TEFL certification. Every CIEE TEFL student must complete practicum hours, because we want to make sure that you are well prepared to teach abroad. Very few TEFL providers give you the chance of completing your practicum in a truly authentic way. With the experience of completing your hours in a non-English speaking country, you’ll have leg-up on those also competing for teaching jobs, and more importantly you’ll have the utmost confidence to take on a new teaching role anywhere abroad.

These two weeks in Italy are still yours to fill with memories, adventures and gelato. There’s still plenty of time to apply. To learn more, visit our program and you’ll be Roming around Italy in no time.

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