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Application deadline, and cost information.

Application Deadline

August 1, 2020

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Program Fee: $2,900
  • Compensation: 566,000 CLP (approx. $800)/month


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Espera lo inesperado – expect the unexpected.

The 10-month Teach in Chile program can take you to a range of places. You might live in the capital city, Santiago; the interior town of Melipilla; the port city, Valparaíso; the coastal town, Viña del Mar; or the southern coastal city of Concepcion. The location and what you’ll find there might surprise you, but, with CIEE, there are things you can count on. You’ll grow professionally as a University professor. Your Spanish will improve as you work with fellow faculty members and students. Beyond the classroom, the beauty of the Chilean countryside and its distinctive, diverse culture will enrich your time abroad!

Term Start Date Deadline Duration Compensation
Spring 2 Semester February August 1 10 months 566,000 CLP (approx. $800)/month

About Our Program Fees

CIEE, a non-profit organization, has been sending university graduates abroad to teach English since 1997. Our program in Chile includes CIEE’s online TEFL certification*, orientation on arrival, and a high level of support throughout your experience (see all features below). To cover those costs, there is a program fee of $2,900. Once we accept your application, there is a $1,000 deposit to reserve your spot and start your TEFL training. The second and final payment ($1,900) is due a few months later after you accept a job offer from a Chilean school. CIEE alumni receive a 10% discount!

*If you already have a teaching credential and would like to opt out of our TEFL course, please email a scan of that document to CIEE.

What's included

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What's included

  • Job placement
  • Monthly stipend from employer
  • Pre-departure assistance – including visa guidance
  • iNext international insurance with 24-hour emergency assistance services
  • 24-hour support from in-country coordinators
  • Multiday orientation
  • Housing for your first month
  • Airport pick-up
  • Cultural and professional development activities
  • CIEE’s 150-hour TEFL certification course

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The Destination

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Want to teach at a white-sand beach resort on the Pacific coast? How about working in a dynamic urban center within sight of the snow-capped Andes? Teach in Chile positions are available at nine campuses of the DuocUC system of technical colleges in the capital city of Santiago, the interior town of Melipilla, the seaport of Valparaíso, the nearby resort of Viña del Mar, and the southern coastal city of Concepcion. 

The Take-Aways

  • Compensation

    Paid teaching placements through a leading Chilean technical university.

  • Preparation

    Complete a TEFL certification course to help you plan and prepare your lessons plus meet other teachers during our in-country orientation!

  • Assistance

    Pre-departure guidance, CIEE iNext international medical insurance with 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance, in country support from CIEE resident staff members.

Program Blogs

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Program Blogs

Job Description

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Job Description

As a native English speaker with thorough training by CIEE, you’ll bring knowledge, skills, and insight that will make you a highly valued staff member at your school. You’ll be the lead English classroom teacher, meeting the same expectations and responsibilities as your Chilean colleagues. That means you’re in charge of teaching English, preparing lessons and activities, and engaging in hands-on instruction. All aspects of the English language will be covered, from vocabulary to verb conjugation.

Schools across Chile have recognized the importance of English language learning at every age. Your students most likely will be at the postsecondary level, attending a technical college.

Teach in Chile positions are available at nine campuses of the DuocUC system of technical colleges in the capital city, Santiago; the seaport, Valparaíso; the quieter city, Melipilla; nearby resort Viña del Mar; and the southern coastal city of Concepcion. 


CIEE Teach in Chile participants receive a monthly stipend from their employer, 566,000 CLP (approx. $800)/month. The cost of living in Chile is a little lower than in the United States, so this should allow you to cover your basic living expenses. If you’re hoping to travel a great deal during your free time, you should bring additional funds to cover your expenses.

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    Like CIEE, the Chilean educational system is on a quest to bring the life-changing benefits of international education to more people. To fulfill this shared vision, CIEE Teach in Chile partners with DuocUC, a leading system of technical community colleges associated with Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. You could work at one or more of nine campuses in Santiago, Valparaíso, Melipilla, Concepcion and Viña del Mar that are included in the program.

  • Workload

    CIEE participants typically teach 22-25 hours per week, depending on the assignment. This does not include time for class planning and grading, faculty meetings, and extracurricular activities. You’ll have a busy schedule, but the program and vacation schedule leave plenty of time to travel, explore the outdoors, and enjoy life in Chile.

What People are Saying

  • They are very organized and I have always had great experiences with CIEE.

    Jacqulyn J. | Teach in Chile
  • The program itself was extremely helpful and made my transition much easier.

    Jonathan M. | Teach in Chile
  • The CIEE Teach Abroad program has prepared me very well for my experience in Chile. I feel like I came into Chile with a lot more knowledge and confidence than I would have had I not done the online coursework through CIEE's Pre-Departure program.

    Joseph C. | Teach in Chile
  • Great experience - good training/orientation, help every step of the way, good stipend, room for lots of independence, helps people (like me) fulfill dreams!

    Julia B. | Teach in Chile
  • The ease and peace of mind while traveling is provided by CIEE. I would recommend these services to my friends because having a job already assigned, visa prepared, and coordinator available for your every need is exactly what you need while making this enormous transformation.

    Kaylee U. | Teach in Chile


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No formal experience teaching? No problem, even informal experience will be useful here! You don’t need a teaching background or international experience. Just a sense of adventure and a real desire to engage with people who are eager to learn.

CIEE looks for candidates who are independent, adventurous, adaptable to new situations, and thrive in a changing environment. Are you self-motivated, responsible, and ready to make teaching your first priority? If so, start your application now!


  • Native English speaker
  • A bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Basic Spanish language skills
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification (included in your program), or other teaching degree/certification
  • Applicants must be 40 years of age or younger

To make your application stronger, highlight additional qualifications, such as:

  • U.S.-based teaching experience, community involvement, and/or volunteerism
  • Studying, working, or volunteering abroad

TEFL Certification

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TEFL Certification

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certification gives you the skills, experience, and confidence to make teaching abroad even more rewarding – both for you and those you teach. The CIEE TEFL 150-hour certification course is included in the fee for this program and ensure that you:

  • Develop an awareness of the field and practices of TEFL
  • Understand the components of English related to teaching nonnative speakers
  • Get personalized feedback from an experienced TEFL tutor
  • Can design lessons for TEFL students at a variety of levels
  • Complete 20 hours of practice teaching experience to hone your skills
  • Applicants must be under the age of 45

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