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My Student-Actors
By Kimberly N.
Today one of my lessons went even better than I could have imagined! I was very hesitant at first because from my (minimal) experience here the students have a lot...keep reading
By Kimberly N.
Double 11 is this Saturday and it’s a big day according to my students. It’s the day to celebrate single people (I just heard the echoes of many laughs from...keep reading
Holidays Abroad
By Kimberly N.
We have had a busy two weeks in Nanchang. We taught many classes, we attended the opening ceremonies for the sports meetings that took place on Thursday and Friday (and...keep reading
Step One: Learning
By Kimberly N.
The focus of the last few days was on learning before we go off to do some teaching. Walking through the city of Shanghai I tried to take in as...keep reading
One week until Take Off
By Kimberly N.
My passport is ready and so am I! One week from today I will be on my way to the other side of the world. I can’t wait to share...keep reading
Teacher Spotlight: Caitlin Van Voorst
By CIEE Teach Abroad at CIEE
Meet Caitlin from Teach Abroad China 2016-2017! She’s super excited to share her experience with teachers past, present and future. Check out what she has to say: Where are you...keep reading

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