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Teaching,Turkeys, and Travels
By Kevin M.
Hello All, I am now two-thirds of the way finished with my time in Portugal – six weeks down, three weeks to go. I’ve greatly enjoyed the program, and am...keep reading
Thanksgiving in Portugal
By Christina O.
While many people in America are gathering today with their families, feasting on too much food, and sharing what they're grateful for, the last Thursday of November in Portugal is...keep reading
By Christina O.
After a long period of sunshine and warm weather, it's finally starting to feel like winter here in Samora Correia. Of a morning, a thin layer of frost covers the...keep reading
Exchanging Cultures
By Kevin M.
Hi All, As the weeks go by, I am getting more chances to participate in the classroom. One of my primary goals is to help introduce the students to American...keep reading
New Perspectives
By Kevin M.
Hello All, I have now been in Portugal for three weeks. After two weeks observing the classroom, I began to take a more active role in lessons this past week...keep reading
I discovered something beautiful
By Christina O.
After discovering that Escudeiros was closed due to the strike, I decided to take my newfound freedom and wander around this part of Samora Correia that I hadn't fully explored...keep reading
O dia da greve
By Christina O.
Today many schools, hospitals, and other various entities of the public sector were shut down do to a country-wide ' greve' (strike). While little details about the strike were actually...keep reading
Up in Smoke
By Christina O.
via GIPHY b We were warned about the smoking culture in Portugal prior to our arrival, but even then, I had no idea it would be so prevalent. Literally, everywhere...keep reading

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