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  • What to Expect Before Departure
    By Kelly P.
    Maybe you've been accepted into your dream program or maybe you're still curious how this program works. Either way, I want to share how CIEE prepares you for departure. Here...keep reading
  • What I Wished I Had Packed
    By Morgan M.
    Hey y'all! I know your adventure to Thailand begins soon. It's been almost 2 months of being here for me and my group. I've gotten a lot of questions about...keep reading
  • New Culture & New Beginnings
    By Angelika K.
    During my time teaching in Thailand, I had helped students with projects about Global Culture. This has led me to think about my own experiences with becoming accustomed to Thailand’s...keep reading
    Coronavirus Crisis: Thailand
    By Angelika K.
    When preparing to move to a new country, most people make sure they are prepared in the event that something displeasing happens. If you are away for an extended period...keep reading

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