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    By Emma S.
    Working with kindergarteners has been an interesting experience. It has made me reflect upon basic communication skills that we adults make take for granted. While working with the five and...keep reading
    This is the End
    By Christina O.
    Well, here I am. My last day of volunteering and let me start by saying, it couldn't have come soon enough. These past 81 days have felt like I have...keep reading
    You Can Take Off Your Pants Now
    By Christina O.
    So I had my first experience at a European chiropractor yesterday. That was... different. For over two weeks now I've been having issues with my right knee and my left...keep reading
    Very Superstitious
    By Christina O.
    The Portuguese are said to be quite a superstitious folk, but in my time here, I hadn't found myself in a situation in which I had to perform a particular...keep reading
    Bizarre Foods
    By Christina O.
    So the other night I was out with my host family and my host mom's brother. Since we were late to the dinner, he went ahead and ordered our dishes...keep reading
    Teaching,Turkeys, and Travels
    By Kevin M.
    Hello All, I am now two-thirds of the way finished with my time in Portugal – six weeks down, three weeks to go. I’ve greatly enjoyed the program, and am...keep reading

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