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  • My Arrival in Spain
    By Caroline S.
    I have officially been in Spain for a little over a week now! I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. I feel like I just submitted the...keep reading
  • Private Tutoring Tips
    By Katie K.
    Throughout orientation in August I remember thinking “no way. I’m not doing private tutoring after a five - seven hour work day.” Little did I know I’d be doing two...keep reading
  • What's in my School Bag
    By Shea R.
    Every day as a language assistant can be unexpected. My schedule lets me know what age groups and subjects I will have each day, but the specific activities can vary...keep reading
    Adjusting to Teaching
    By Katherine D.
    Hola familia y amigos! This past week just flew by. It was my first week of teaching at my school, I.E.S. Luz Del Mar (light of the sea) in the...keep reading
  • Pointers on Packing Priorities
    By Kate C.
    Packing for an extended stay abroad can be a daunting task! Once you've committed to studying or teaching abroad one of your biggest projects to complete while still at home...keep reading

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