Which Teach in Spain Program is Right for You?

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In all our Spain programs, apart from Spain Professional, you’ll be teaching part time (about 16 hours per week) as a Language and Culture Assistant. However, each program varies in small ways.  These small changes can make the experience entirely different! Here you can read about all of our programs so you can decide which teach Spain program is right for you!

Teach in Spain Immersion (2 weeks or 4 weeks)

Calling all language lovers! Teach in Spain Immersion is the best way to well, immerse. In Spanish culture that is. With this program you’ll have the option to spend either 2 weeks or 4 weeks with a host family before your 4 -day orientation and starting your two-semester long teaching position. During this time, you’ll be taking intensive Spanish language classes, making you perfectly equipped to start your 10-month journey! While living with your host family, you’ll be able to practice the Spanish you’re learning and learn even more from the locals. You can use this time to find housing and get to know the region of Madrid! This way you’ll have a chance to become comfortable in Spain before the start of the year. If learning Spanish language and culture is at the top of your list, Spain Immersion might be the program for you.

Teach in Spain

This program is for well, everyone! Teach in Spain is a 10-month teaching experience where you assume the same teaching role as the other Spain programs.  In this program you will be working part time in the classroom, and have plenty of time off, making this a great option for thise who were looking to travel in their free time. The program begin with included hotel accommodation during your 4-day orientation where you will have time to meet other teachers, find housing and adjust to Spain.  From there, the rest of the time is yours! Travel throughout Spain on your time off or make yourself at home in Madrid. No matter what, Teach in Spain is an a experience you won’t forget!

Teach in Spain Basics

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s nothing basic about this program. Spain Basics is for experienced travelers looking to start teaching in Spain. You’ll have the same teaching duties as our other programs, but you’ll be more independent when you arrive in Spain. There will be a two-day orientation with no additional nights in the hotel. Because the preparations of the big move are up to you, this program is specially made for those who have lived in a Spanish speaking county before and have upper-intermediate to advanced Spanish language proficiency.

Still haven’t see the right program for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got a couple more up our sleeves.


Teach in Spain Professional

This program is potentially the most unique. Instead of taking on a language assistant position at a school, with Spain Professional, you’ll be traveling all throughout Madrid to teach English to adult business professionals. For your first two weeks there, you’ll be taking a corporate English Teaching Specialization course to learn how to best teach to older adults. With this position you’ll only be spending about 12-14 hours per week teaching in the classroom, but you’ll spend the rest of your day traveling from class to class throughout Madrid and planning your lessons.The commute times can be a bit long, between 20-28 hours, but this is a great away to really get to know the city and region. If spending your day in the classroom doesn’t sound like the job for you, check out Spain Pro!

Teach in Spain Volunteer

Maybe you can’t pack up and leave for the whole year, but still want an immersive experience in a different part of the world. If this sounds like you, then let us introduce you to Spain Volunteer. During your 3 months in the beautiful region of Castilla y León you’ll be placed with a host family where you can learn more about Spanish culture and languages and assist your host family with their own English language skills. Starting with a 2-day long orientation, you’ll have the opportunity to teach part time, explore quieter regions of Spain, learn the language and make lifelong connections.


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