Swimming In October?

Authored by:
Alexandra K.

Alexandra K.

This past weekend, October 11th through 13th, I embarked on my second trip since being in Madrid, Spain. Where did I go? To one of my bucket list countries, Malta. In case you were wondering, Malta is a small island South of Sicily, Italy, and North of Tunisia. It is culturally diverse, and due to the British at one point possessing over it, majority of the country speaks English in addition to Maltese and Italian. While I stayed in a great location in the capital of Valletta, the highlight of the trip was the Blue Lagoon on the island of Camino. Although it was a short trip over the span of three days, and two nights, it was definitely worth a visit and I was so glad that the water was an enjoyable temperature. I don’t know where else you could of swam in mid-October without complaining about below average temperatures. 10/10 would recommend! 

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