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Briana H.

Briana H.

"If it doesn't make you smile then change it". One of my newest, now dearest friend told me this while we were chatting in the kitchen. I completely resignate with this quote just as many others would agree if only they were aware of it. Wheither it's a cup of cafe con leche in the morning or making a huge leap moving to live in a new country, we all are on the search for optimal happiness and joy.

It has now been one week since I have offically moved to Madrid. My heart is full and my soul is content. I already have met the most amazing humans who I know will be my life long friends. We have spent this past week searching for our perfect place to call home. After many visits throughout the city center of Madrid, we found our new casa located one stop away from Sol. Our barrio (neighborhood) is located by many diverse resturants, cafes, shops, and people! Wheither I am walking through the streets, sitting in the park, or relaxing out on my terrace, I am constantly surrounded by the beautiful sound of music and people.

Our apartment is located on a quiet street in Lavapiés. My roommates and I have already found our new favorite coffee shop (Pum Pum Café). Luckily we are still able to walk around and explore the city even during the COVID pandemic. My roommates have visited the city before and mentioned the uppity spirit of the city. The time is different now, but it hasn't lost any of its beauty or charm. Mascarillas (masks) are mandated in the city, and you must wear them in any public area. Most resturarants and shops are open; however in the evening, bars shut down early (1:00 AM).

One tip that my roommates and I benefited from while apartment hunting was to call the landlords directly to schedule time to come and vist the apartment. By calling them directly, we were able to communicate efficently and find out details about the place without having to wait days for responses from email or text. When you go to visit the apartments, be prepared to have the first months rent in cash on you to put as a deposit for the place. Apartment hunting moves quickly here (use Idealista as a resource) and if you see a place that you really love, be ready to sign and put down your deposit that day. If you wait, it may be too late and someone may rent the place before you. This happened to us with a previous place that we were looking at, so lesson learned, if it makes you smile then go for it! 

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