Running to 2018 with Madrid's San Silvestre Vallecana 10K!

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Kamalía A.

Kamalía A.

Hello wonderful CIEE auxiliares and soon-to-be auxiliares/world travelers! Happy New Year and welcome 2018!!

Today I'm going to share with you two time-honored traditions that are celebrated on New Year's here in Madrid, Spain. 

  • The San Silvestre Vallecana 10K Run
  • Eating 12 grapes with the strokes of midnight! 

The San Silvestre Vallecana 10K Run

I'm a pretty seasoned runner; I've participated in over twenty 5K runs, 10 event runs (like the Color Run or Wipeout Run), now five 10K runs, three 15K runs and 2 half-marathons. I am ADDICTED to post-run endorphins, the race expos, collecting medals and keeping a strong physique and positive mentality. Though I have a hate/love relationship with weekly running and race training, running frees me and makes me feel good.

Over 40,000 people from across the globe run the San Silvestre Vallecana Run. It was only 20 euros to sign up (SUPER CHEAP compared to runs in the U.S. where I'm used to paying $50-150.00). They make you a run video, give you a sick Nike dri-fit long sleeve shirt (perfect for running and ALSO has your number already on it), and other goodies!

The race itself is PHENOMENAL and worth every single euro. It's super hyped up with LIVE bands at EACH kilometer. You run through the most beautifully festive streets adorned with bright colorful Christmas lights. There are plenty of Instagrammable and photogenic stops along the way--and runners DO stop to take pictures and video. (I saw someone running with a selfie stick!) There are HUGE decorations and ballon arches that encourage you to keep going, thousands of people cheer you on and kids line up alongside the course to give spirit-lifting high-fives. Runners DRESS UP and run in TEAMS. (For example, sharks, a taco, the Flinstones, the Incredibles, Marvel and DC superheroes, Sesame street, Gladiators, Matadors and so much more. It's just a wonderful spectacular event for anyone willing and able. It's a run you should not miss!!

Click here for some cool video!

Depending on your pace, (mine was >60) there are 4 waves--my wave was the last and we start at 18:15 or 6:15pm. The race finishes latest around 9pm for the slower runners...but typically you're done in 60-90 mins and can just go home after returning the race chip and receiving a post-race goodie bag!! 

Getting home was not too bad, the race ends 10 mins walk from a metro and even with all the runners, we got home in about 50 mins (normally 35 mins). Enough time to shower and head out for the festivities!!

12 Grapes on Nochevieja

This tradition is quite unique! Spaniards have been ingesting 12 grapes at the stroke of the new year for over 100 years! The belief is that if you can eat all 12 grapes in time with the 12 strokes of midnight you will have 12 months of good luck! This superstition runs deep and supermarkets now sell 12 grapes ready to eat with NO seeds to avoid choking! Below you'll see a picture of what I bought and successfully ingested for only 1,95€! 

Thousands of people usually go to Puerta del Sol where they have a live countdown and fireworks at midnight. The millions of others will go to fancy clubs, bars or stay home and watch the countdown on TV with their 12 grapes (this is what we did!)

However you celebrated, I hope it was fun and I wish you a very wonderful 2018 filled with adventure, delicious food and endless happiness!



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