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Alexandra K.

Alexandra K.

Hey All!

Since I last wrote, a friend had visited for a couple of days, and then I went on a four day weekend trip to Prague. On the week leading up to the Prague trip, everything was shaky. With Coronavirus (CoVid-19) paranoia being blown out of proportions by the media, it's no wonder that everyone was nervous and uneasy when it came to traveling. In the beginning I had some travel anxiety, but once I got to the airport, I was fine. Despite a few dozen couples and individuals wearing masks when they weren't sick, it was just an average day. When I arrived in Praga, I took a cab directly to my hotel, and then spent the rest of my evening planning and mapping the sites for the remaining days. The following day I hit all the top attractions, and walked 14 miles, (22.5km). While I did enjoy the city of Prague, I found Budapest better. I enjoyed walking around the city more, and I found the city vibes to be more local especially with the ruin bars. Overall it wasn't a terrible trip and I've checked off another incredible bucketlist city and my 21st country. 


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