Paige’s Perspective #5: A Hikers Guide to Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint(s)

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Paige S.

Paige S.

I finally made it down south over Christmas break, and I was lucky enough to explore many of the beautiful islands! One of my favorite stops was Koh Phi Phi. 

(pronounced PEE PEE! * insert giggles)

I mean what’s not to love? With the beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal-clear indigo water.

I had read about a viewpoint hike before I traveled to Koh Phi Phi and was excited to explore it. I also read that it was an amazing sunrise hike with a view of pretty much the whole island.

What I discovered was how unclear the starting point of the viewpoint hike was. I had attempted to ask our local boat guide where the beginning of the “trail head” was and he pointed in a vague direction towards the beaches and said “there”.

What’s important to know beforehand is that there is a long hike (over 3 hours out and back) and a short hike (45-60 minutes out and back) and they both start at the same spot! My tired self barely got out of bed for this sunrise hike, so I was not down for a 3-hour hike in the jungle.

There are also three different viewpoints.

I ended up using my phone to GPS viewpoint 1 from our hotel. We quickly saw a sign for “Viewpoint” and “Viewpoint See to Sky”. The best way I can think to describe the starting point is away from the beach. My best suggestion is to use google maps. Once you find the signs, you’re golden because everything after that is clearly marked!

There are 3 viewpoints, all connected to the same trail. When you start climbing the stairs the first viewpoint is obvious and is labeled as viewpoint 1. This first viewpoint is adorable with all the kid friendly climbable fruit statues. To enter the viewpoint, it costs 30 baht. This is your entrance fee for viewpoint 1 and 2.

View from Viewpoint 1

If you keep walking away from the city and up, you will see signs that clearly mark viewpoint 2. Then there will be a fork in the road, and you can see the beautiful deck built for people to gaze out at viewpoint 2. It doesn’t matter which direction you take in the fork, because they both lead you to the top!

View from Viewpoint 2

Now, viewpoint 3 was a little different. I had read it was the best view and I was determined to find it!

Looking around viewpoint 2 with its restaurant and lovely porch it was unclear how to keep hiking “up”. You actually have to go back down to hike up.

Restaurant at Viewpoint 2

I know, weird right.

There was an empty ticket booth and a lady sweeping the sidewalk. So, we asked her, she pointed up towards a walkway and we could see a few houses in the distance. With a shrug we hiked on. I use the term "hike" loosely because everything was paved and the most strenuous part about this hike was the heat, mosquitos, and the uphill walk.

We walked for a bit a noticed a hotel, campground, and other odd items far away from town and we started to feel discouraged. Finally, there was a handmade sign stating viewpoint 3 with an arrow pointing up.


After a few more handmade signs we finally came across a trail marker!

Once at viewpoint 3 we arrived at a gate. We were apparently the first to arrive because the lady manning the gate was still sweeping. She smiled at us and actually laughed a little.

Then asked for 20 baht each. That entrance fee is to get to the nice porch area she was sweeping and was a new separate charge than the first two viewpoints.

The view was worth it.

View from Viewpoint 3

And with the sun gradually rising it was beautiful to see all the colors of the water! I would definitely recommend this hiking adventure if you ever find yourself in Koh Phi Phi.

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