Paige’s Perspective #2: Getting lost in the Green Lung

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Paige S.

Paige S.

If you are staying in or near Bangkok, I would recommend this urban oasis!

AND, it’s on the cheaper side! Which is always a plus.

A friend recommended this trip to us. We were hoping to do something over the weekend and tired of planning long trips. So, we decided to meet in Bangkok and bike what is known as the Green Lung.

What is it:

The Green Lung is a mini sanctuary just outside of Bangkok, and it sounds exactly like it is! It’s an adventure through traditional Thai towns and some jungle areas. It is located in Bang Kachao, a peninsula just outside of Bangkok, formed by the Chao Phraya river.

It’s a great place to rent a bike and explore on your own and maybe get a little lost. Just like we did!

The area consisted of a series of small villages connected by narrow trails. These narrow bike trails are nestled in the jungle and connected to the major roads in the area. This green oasis is filled with several additional free sites to see and visit. Including:

Kuan Kan Park (a great place to ride your bike through and possibly see a river monster! Also, known as the Asian Water Monitor)

Siamese Fighting Fish Gallery (also known as Beta fish)

Bang Namphung Floating market (so many delicious Thai delicacies at great prices)

And one of my favorite spots in the peninsula, the Bangkok Tree house. This place is an amazing hotel that has a restaurant attached. Here you can visit and enjoy a snack and a delicious beverage. I highly recommend a visit here! This ecofriendly hotel was a little more expensive but worth it, and equally as delicious! Also, they have seating on the roof! Which makes you feel like you are actually high up in a treehouse. The rooftop seating provides an amazing view of the Bangkok skyline.

There is so much more to explore. What’s so great about this adventure is that you can rent a bike for the entire day or an hour. You can make your own journey and get lost in the side trails or stick to the major roads.

How to find it:

Depending on where you are arriving from, you can take the MRT (subway) or the BTS (which is similar to the Chicago CTA) to the closest pier. From the piers you can take a water taxi across the river and be greeted by friendly bike rental Thai men!

We arrived at Khlong Toei Pier by Grab or taxi and took a small water taxi across the river. Once, across the river we arrived at Pae-Jeab bike rental! They were super friendly! They provided us with a bike, a map, and a free water :blush: !


Bike rental – 80 Baht

This included the water taxi there and back! And of course, the map and free water!

No entry fees for the park or the fish gallery either! So, depending on your preferences you can make this green getaway affordable!

I hope if you are ever in Bangkok you are able to travel towards the Green Lung and get a little lost in the jungle!

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