New Year, New Attitudes

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Alexandra K.

Alexandra K.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo a todos!

Happy January 2020 and New Year to All!

Since I've last written, I have been quite busy with re-adjusting to living in a foreign country. Since returning this past Sunday, I have completed my 150-hour CIEE sponsored TEFL course with a 90% overall on my final exam, and will be able to pass without dispute. Hopefully, this certification will open new doors for me in the digital world. I’m hoping that after this experience in Spain, I will be confident enough to lead in my own digitized classroom via webcam.

In addition to finishing up the course over break, I had so many things to do with so little time. While my winter break was technically 14 or so days, my trip to New York was 10, but really it was 9 if you take out the hours for traveling time. One advantage to flying on Christmas Eve and then returning soon after New Years, is the fact that I lucked out with an entire row to myself both ways on a 7 hour or so long flight. When I arrived in New York, the first thing I got was Chinese food, and the second thing I did was one of my favorite things to do in the city. I walked my favorite downtown route from SoHo to the Freedom Tower in Battery Park City, and then the next day I did the Midtown walk from Rockefeller Center and Times Square to home which was over 60 blocks.

Simultaneously, while I was studying for my TEFL course, following Christmas and Hanukkah, I went up to Boston, Massachusetts, to see my grandma and aunt. While I loved spending time with them and visiting an animal sanctuary that I use to visit when I was a little girl, the whole house was sick. Upon my arrival back to New York, New Years was spent at a fancy restaurant with my family and then later that evening at a friends house. If I could think of a New Year's resolution for 2020, it would be to speak more Spanish in Spain, and to get back in shape. Immediately after returning, I opened a gym membership, and I've got to say, it feels great to work out again indoors without the cold temperatures and frequent wind.

In conclusion, although I miss my family and friends back home, I hope everyone is doing well so far, and best of luck in the future. What I’m most excited for are the trips I have planned this second trimester (yes, my school uses trimesters not semesters) and I can’t wait to explore and share my experiences. In fact, next weekend I am going to Budapest, Hungary to reunite with a friend from study abroad two years ago... CRAZY how people come back into your lives at different times. Cheers. 



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