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Sarai P.

Sarai P.

I wasn’t exactly sure what the food situation was going to be like when I moved to Portugal. Sometimes that can be daunting for people who eat a certain way. What’s a typical meal, will I have options, what will my host family make? Are some things that crossed my mind but I was pleasantly surprised with all of the things I wondered about.

My host family makes pretty simple and healthy meals and always have tons of fruit! But sometimes you’ll want to grab dinner elsewhere or maybe your host family is out of town and you don’t want to burn down the kitchen. Then feast your eyes on the Instagram accounts and check out their menus. There are SO many options. SO MANY! The fallowing are a few of my favorites in Lisbon:

Heim Cafe 

Hello, Kristof (cafe)

Kenith (brunch, cocktails, cafe)

Ao 26 (vegan restaurant)

The Green Affair (vegan restaurant)

Prado (farm to table restaurant)

Juicy Lisboa (vegan brunch and dinner)

Bio market (grocery/all natural product store)

Maria Granel (zero waste organic bulk store)

Go Natural (grocery/all natural product store and cafe)



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