Anxiety After the Acceptance

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Alexandra K.

Alexandra K.

In early May, I received an exciting email from CIEE regarding my acceptance and location placement. 

The email read: "You have been placed in the Community of Madrid - Confirm by May 18th"

At this point, it was all too real! After going through an extensive application process, and waiting anxiously approximately 2 and 1/2 months...

I was finally going to Teach in Spain, specifically Madrid. The placement I received was in Valdezarza, almost 30 minutes outside of the city centre by Metro. 

Although I got my acceptance and placement, the next steps to come were a little more nerve racking. 

Now that I've gotten my acceptance and confirmed that I'd be taking the position in Valdezarza, it was time for me to begin the stressful VISA PROCESS. 

While I was stressed over all the components that I needed, the number one thing that I did right was making a visa appointment at the NY Consulate General of Spain a month and a half in advance.  

In our closed facebook group, the page had been blown up with hundreds of people asking millions of repetitive questions and freaking out.

Some of the participants have compared the visa process to the hunger games, because if you don't have an appointment early it's nearly impossible to find one within such a short time frame.

 Truthfully if you are properly motivated and proactive, you can get everything done on time.

Following my easy going appointment on June 21st, it took about 2.5 weeks for my visa to be fully processed and ready for pick up.

With one major checklist item complete, I look on to the next big worry... house hunting in Madrid.

As most of you already know, CIEE only provides guidance and resources, when it comes to finding living accommodations. 

While house hunting in Madrid will be hard, it isn't impossible. With the advice of the Madrid CIEE Team, I feel more than capable of finding a place to live.

Just like when I lived abroad in Rome for a semester, I'm going to have to be flexible and adjust to a changing environment with less reliability. 

With orientation exactly a month away from today, I can't wait to begin my adventure and update you all on the days leading up to the big flight




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