Another Weekend Away!

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Alexandra K.

Alexandra K.

Last weekend, a roommate and I booked and went on a weekend trip to Portugal sponsored by CityLife Madrid. After studying abroad in Rome, Italy, back in 2018, CityLife Madrid was just like Bus2Alps, FlorenceForFun, (FFF) or Euroadventures. It’s another undergraduate students, eurasmus, and young adult only company that sends you on three to four day weekend trips to other countries by simple methods of transport e.g buses and trains. Going to Portugal was fun. Since the trip was so cheap we left on a bus at 1:30AM Thursday evening (technically Friday already) and arrived by 8:00AM. (technically 9AM since the time difference) The first day was in Oporto, we got breakfast, did a tour, and took lots of photos. It was really fun, but the sleeping arrangements that night were horrible. We were with this group of college students who were loud and were clearly only there to party. While I do sound like a grandma right now, they were quite obnoxious. Especially when they came back from their night out at 4AM and were loud, running to the showers, turning on all the lights, and opening the windows… it was a shitty night for sleep, but everything else was great. Just was annoying since we had to be up at 8:00 to leave for Lisbont the next day. Honestly, it was a great time because of all the new friends we had made. The following day we went to the capital city, Lisboa after a quick stop in the Portuguese Venezia. I found Lisboa better than Oporto, and our hostel had a ball pit. Overall it was a great trip, and I’d recommend it. However, if we didn’t have such great weather, the outcomes and attitudes would have been much different. 

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