Am I Really in Madrid?

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Alexandra K.

Alexandra K.

The month of August was quite stressful for me. Up until August 20th, I had been away from New York on a family vacation in Massachusetts. Having only five days to pack and gather my things together, I was under a lot of pressure. I must have packed and re-packed my bag about five or six times. On the evening of August 25th (the day of my flight) I was pretty relaxed, until 7:00pm when I was driven to JFK airport by my parents. 

Having arrived to JFK at 8:00PM, the lines for check in at Norwegian Airlines were insane. I waited an hour to check in, but then smoothly sailed right through security. Some advice, when you travel with any airline, pay close attention to their baggage policies, otherwise you may end up paying extra for your things and that isn't fun. Since my flight was so cheap for a direct flight, it departed from JFK at 12:30AM (at night) 

After a 6 hour flight, I was surprisingly holding up well. Maybe it was because of the benedryl I took in efforts to sleep on the plane. Once arriving at MAD airport, customs was a breeze, but then came more unnecessary stress. Norwegian Airlines had LOST MY BAG!!!  I checked 2 bags, and I still don't understand how one bag made it on the plane but the other one did not. Of course it would happen to me... the only question I could ask myself then was why... why now?  why me? I have traveled to sixteen countries, been on maybe 50+ flights to a from various places, and had never had any baggage issues until now. I guess it was bound to happen to me at some point. 

While I had a momentary short panic, asking myself why hasn't it come yet? I came to the conclusion that they had to have lost it. At least I knew what to do. After I reviewed CIEE's checklist of what to do if there was a missing bag, I filed a claim at the airport desk, and then presumed to exit the baggage area to find the CIEE staff members who would shuttle us to our Orientation Accommodation. 

The Welcome Dinner/Orientation in the evening was very simple. We had pan, ensalada, paella, y frutas. Although I still don't have my bag yet, I'm still hopeful and it's only day 2. The problem is that the bag that went missing had all my necessities in it, like socks, sneakers, underwear, outfits, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

I REALLLLLY hope they find it soon, it's becoming such an inconvenience. 




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