5 Reasons Why Thailand is the Perfect Destination for Solo Travelers

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Okay, so obviously there are dozens of reasons to visit Thailand. Between the food, cities, culture, weather, mountains, jungles, oceans… need we go on?  Thailand is an amazing destination for anyone looking for a relaxing holiday or unique adventure overseas. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why Thailand is amazing for teachers abroad, solo travelers and backpackers alike.

1. The weather is…amazing

If you enjoy a tropical paradise, that is. The average climate in Thailand is about 82 degrees Fahrenheit plus humidity (sorry hair). So, if you’re looking to escape the cold winters at home for a while, we’d highly recommend snorkeling in the gorgeous blue water and relaxing on sandy beaches of Phuket. Heck, even the mountains of Chiang Mai remain warm and temperate. Just don’t forget your SPF!

2. Affordable cost of living and travel

The flight to Thailand might cost and arm and a leg, but once you arrive, you’ll be surprised by how inexpensive everything is! No to mention that teachers abroad are provided with rent-fee housing, making life there even more affordable Food, water, and ground transportation is all relatively low. For example, the cost of Pad Thai in Thailand often goes for about 30-40 baht. That’s just about US $1! Of course, some of the extra activities just as organized tours, shopping and drinking will add up to be a bit higher, but those traveling on a budget can generally get by with just $25-$30 per day.

3. A backpacker’s dream

Possibly due to its beautiful weather and affordable nature, Thailand is a top destination for solo travelers, teachers abroad and backpackers alike. It’s even been listed as one of the top backpacking destinations of 2020. So clearly the expats are only going to keep coming. For solo travelers looking for like-minded people on the road, Thailand is home to some incredible hostels where other backpackers and travelers are sure to be found. This is also excellent for those planning to live, work, or teach and Thailand who plan to travel throughout the country during their time off. Finding a fun, comfortable and exotic hostel, with new friends within, is not problem in Thailand.

4. Thailand is extremely photogenic

This might not be a top priority for many travelers, but those of you out there crafting the perfect travel blog, Thailand is a must. Between the exotic temples, beautiful beaches and unique markets, the photo-ops are endless. Not to mention the opportunity to meet elephants. #bookingmyflight

5. “The Land of Smiles”

Thailand is known for their extremely welcoming and friendly culture. So even though there may be some language barriers in place, you won’t have to worry about the locals getting too frustrated. In fact, 77 % of expats have said that the country has a very friendly attitude towards tourists.

In addition to their hospitality, teachers in Thailand, foreign or not, are highly respected. Respect for elders is prevalent in Thai culture, making English teachers aboard feel very comfortable and welcome at their new jobs.

So, travel with friends or take that solo trip you’ve always planned on. With CIEE’s Teach in Thailand program you can choose to live and explore Thailand for 5 to 11 months. (Or hey, stay even longer!) As a teacher abroad, you’ll get to soak up all that Thailand has to offer. Whether you stay a short time or a long time, Thailand is sure to leave an impression that will last a lifetime.

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