Where will you live? It depends on the program. One thing’s for sure: It will be an authentic setting, not a typical American-style accommodation. A homestay is an essential component of all programs, whether it’s the main accommodation or the highlight of a weekend excursion. That’s what full cultural immersion is all about!

In most programs, you’ll live with a carefully screened host family for your full 3- to 4-week stay. This is hands-down one of the fastest ways to learn the local language and culture. In a full immersion environment, you absorb and advance conversational skills in a way that’s just not possible in a classroom. Along with local colloquialisms and customs, you’ll learn social and practical life skills that come from breaking far outside your comfort zone. In many cases, it’s a warm inside experience that you’ll likely treasure forever.

In some programs, you might stay in a hostel, B&B, or a dorm room at a large or small local university, along with peers from your program. Pretty cool way to get a taste of college life while you’re still in high school, eh? And a culture of international students speaking a mix of different languages makes the whole experience all the more interesting.

In every location, we also ensure you engage with the local community. Whether it means practicing a new set of vocabulary in neighboring shops, getting involved in a local service project or spending free time with high school students your age, integrating to the local community is a critical component for the success of your program.