Your Adventure

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Picture yourself waking up on a different continent, in a different country, a million miles from your hometown routine. New sights, sounds, and schedules await. So what can you expect from a typical day?

Truth is, it depends on where you are! Each of our programs is unique, as we adapt to local customs and context to make the experience as authentic as possible. So your day may start with scrambled eggs and a metro ride to our study center for your morning class in Dublin, or with a Nutella toast in Rennes and a first excursion through town. But regardless of different timetables, our programs all offer the same daily balance of the following core elements to create a fun and fully immersive experience:

Top-Notch Instruction

Interactive class time learning languages, cultural studies or subject matter based on your chosen program. Whether it’s Japanese or marine biology, you’ll engage in meaningful projects and discussions with expert teachers.

Daily Adventures

Cultural activities and excursions extend learning with more concrete experiences outside the classroom. Apply what you learned that day to real-world contexts and adventures in the afternoons.

Rich Interactions

Authentic interactions with the local community complete each day: whether you live with a carefully-screened host family, meet local students your age, or get involved in a service project, integrating to the local community is a critical component of our programs.

That’s for weekdays! Weekends bring even more fun and adventure: all our programs offer two excursion opportunities with your CIEE friends to local must-see landmarks or exotic locales. You’ll also have some dedicated time for rest and recreation with your host family.

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