Mohammedia, Morocco

Mentoring Youth & Raising Social Awareness

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Information for term Mentoring Youth & Raising Social Awareness

Application deadline, and cost information.

Application Deadline

December 4, 2020

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Deadline: December 4, 2020
  • Dates: Jun 13 – Jul 3, 2021 (3 weeks)

Application Deadline

December 4, 2020

Program Deadlines and Pricing Info

  • Deadline: December 4, 2020
  • Dates: Jul 11 – 31, 2021 (3 weeks)


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Discover a kaleidoscope of cultures while living, serving and mentoring in this friendly Moroccan community.

This program is based out of the American Language Center (ALC), a non-profit with over 30 years of experience working with local NGOs on cross-cultural exchange. Through the ALC’s myriad outreach programs, you’ll work with local youth, collaborate with Moroccan peers, and learn to look at complex issues from multiple perspectives.

You’ll pack a lot into these three weeks, and options abound: Mentor underprivileged youth at a local association whose mission is to integrate youth into their community. Run arts and crafts workshops, help tutor English for after-school programs, and take part of planning and implementing environmental activities with local public schools. Create blog posts for the CIEE student blog and collaborate with peers to raise awareness on education, the environment, and a range of social issues.

Hot topics make for interesting discussions: Immigration. Women’s rights. The impact of Moroccan rap on society. The perception of Islam in America. With students from local high schools you’ll engage in conversations designed to make you think. You’ll also work together to put that collective energy into action — by working in teams to tackle social issues in creative ways.

Living with a homestay family, you’ll get a warm welcome and a rare glimpse of Moroccan traditions. Together you’ll shop, prepare meals, and gather around the family table. In your free time, you can dabble in Moroccan pottery and play soccer, ping pong, or volleyball at the city beach. Added bonus: You’ll also have access to all the ALC’s clubs and offerings — from sports, music and movies to public speaking, debate and Model UN. 


The Take-Aways

  • Leadership

    A new-found confidence and the ability to work across cultural lines

  • Service

    Work in tandem with the American Language Center to support local non-profits in their community outreach

  • Certificate

    A Certificate of International Service Learning (50+ hours)

Location & Culture

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Relax in a café with a cup of mint tea or stroll through the Kasbah in this quiet seaside city.

Mohammédia is a small port city set between Casablanca and Rabat on the Mediterranean coast. A working fishing port, it offers a more authentic portrait of local life than its more touristy neighbors. The east side of the city is famous for its swimming beaches, whereas other city beaches are rough and rocky. Many find it a welcome respite when looking to escape the busy life of nearby cities.

Founded a thousand years ago under the Almoravid dynasty, then visited in the 14th and 15th century by merchant ships from Europe, Mohammédia embodies a rich mix of cultural influences. This is best reflected in its cuisine: a mix of Amazigh, Arabic, Andalusian, and Mediterranean traditions, fused with European and sub-Saharan influences, and a fabulous array of exotic spices!

Souks (markets) are a major feature of Moroccan life, and many are overflowing with seasonal fruits. Along with various kinds of dates, you’ll find grapes, figs, melons, peaches and the local prickly pear (cactus fruit). Bread is a huge part of the Moroccan diet and you’ll find freshly baked bread (eaten with butter, olive oil and jam) at bakeries and shops around town. Street food includes kebabs or spicy merguez sausages, roasted chickpeas and peanuts, and sfenj (delicious doughnut-shaped fritters). 

Daily Life

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Daily Life

"After my trip with CIEE I have definitely grown in ways I never could if I had stayed in the US."

Learn more about daily life on a high school study abroad program by reading our blog posts above.

  • Housing

    Carefully Screened Homestay

  • Local Support

    24/7 Support from your CIEE program leader and in-country CIEE staff members

Program Blogs

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Program Blogs


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Sample Activities

  • Take a Moroccan cooking class
  • Go on a scavenger hunt in your new home city
  • Let your hair down at a Gnawa dance session and see how African beats are infused into popular Moroccan music
  • Catch a local theater performance
  • Try your hand at Moroccan pottery in a creative workshop
  • Learn the intricate art of Moroccan henna
  • Join the festivities at a Moroccan dress party


  • Rabat: Rock the Kasbah L’Oudaya, tour the Museum of Modern Art and Archaeology, visit the old medina, Roman ruins and Chellah Gardens overlooking the ancient royal cemetery.
  • Casablanca: Visit Casablanca and the Hassan II Mosque, the only mosque open to non-Muslims in Morocco.
  • Ourika and Marrakesh: Embark on a multi-day excursion to see the riches of the region:he famous city of Marrakesh. Marvel at the snake charmers and artisan crafts in Marrakesh’s bustling Jemaa el-Fnaa square, attend an interactive session with locals in the winding souks of the old medina, and visit the village of Ourika for hiking and  engaging with the locals and learn about Tamazight culture in Morocco 



  • Day trip to Meknes with Moroccan high schoolers which includes (Roman ruins of Vouliblis, village of Moulay Idriss (birthplace of Islam in Morocco, and imperial city of Meknes)

​​Please note this list of activities is based on past programs and subject to change at CIEE's discretion to both adapt to local circumstances and participant feedback. Our goal when revising itineraries is always to enhance your experience. Every activity is designed to provide you with a deep immersion in your topic, local culture and sights. Get ready for maximum fun!

Dates & Fees

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Dates & Fees


  • No previous language experience required.
  • Program open to all current high school students: Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. 
  • For scholarship eligibility requirements, please check our Scholarship page.



Program scholarships and tuition include iNext Travel Insurance, but do not cover the cost of flights. More details about tuition inclusions can be found here.


Application Due

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End Date


Summer Session I 2021 3 weeks Dec 4, 2020 Jun 13, 2021 Jul 3, 2021
Summer Session II 2021 3 weeks Dec 4, 2020 Jul 11, 2021 Jul 31, 2021

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