CIEE Global Navigator Virtual Fair

November 14-17, 2022

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Whether you’re all set to travel with CIEE next summer or simply curious about one of our 30 amazing locations, the CIEE Global Navigator Virtual Fair is a unique opportunity to connect with our teams across the world! Register for any session below for a one-hour casual chat with our local staff! Each team will present their hometown and program in a few slides then take questions from the audience. Alumni from select locations may also join to share their own perspective!

Monday, November 14

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Time (EST) Program Location  
3:00 PM Paris, France Register
3:00 PM Rennes, France Register
3:00 PM Toulouse, France Register
3:00 PM Madrid, Spain Register
3:00 PM Seville, Spain Register
3:00 PM Barcelona, Spain Register
3:00 PM Berlin, Germany Register
3:00 PM Rabat, Morocco Register
3:00 PM Cape Town, South Africa Register
3:00 PM Legon, Ghana Register
6:00 PM Buenos Aires, Argentina Register
8:00 PM Tokyo, Japan Register

Tuesday, November 15

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Time (EST) Program Location  
3:00 PM Lisbon, Portugal Register
3:00 PM Rome, Italy Register
3:00 PM Copenhagen, Denmark Register
3:00 PM Amsterdam, Netherlands Register
3:00 PM Dublin, Ireland Register
3:00 PM London, UK Register
3:00 PM Prague, Czech Republic Register
3:00 PM Palma, Spain Register
3:00 PM Gaborone, Botswana Register
5:00 PM Santiago, DR Register
5:00 PM Yucatan, Mexico Register
5:00 PM Monteverde, Costa Rica Register
8:00 PM Kyoto, Japan Register
8:00 PM Sydney, Australia Register
8:00 PM Seoul, South Korea Register

Wednesday, November 16

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Time (EST) Session  
8:00 PM Alumni Panel Discussion Register
8:00 PM Summer Abroad General Info Register
8:00 PM Semester Abroad General Info Register

Thursday, November 17

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Time (EST) session  
8:00 PM Summer Abroad Application Workshop Register
8:00 PM Gap Semester Abroad Info Register

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