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  • Loco for Coco!
    By Lindsay Nelson at CIEE
    On Saturday we students from Service Learning and Language & Culture gathered to take a day trip to the Nothern costal city of Puerto Plata. We began our day trip...keep reading
  • Weekend one!
    By Maxine Eisenberg at CIEE
    Our first week culminated in a fun filled weekend. Students spent a day in Puerto Plata on the coast completing a scavenger hunt and swimming at the beach. We also...keep reading
  • More Service Week 1
    By Maxine Eisenberg at CIEE
    It is hard to believe it is already Thursday but our first week at two different centers/summer camps has been amazing. We also had our first service and leadership class...keep reading
    Dancing, dinner, and dominicanisms
    By Lindsay Nelson at CIEE
    Since arriving in the DR on Sunday, we haven't had any trouble adjusting to Dominican cuisine. In our first feedback sessions earlier this week, the answer to the question, “how's...keep reading
  • Starting off our service
    By Maxine Eisenberg at CIEE
    We are off and running with our service work at Accion Callejera. Both our students and the students at Accion Callejera are having a great time at summer camp so...keep reading
  • Settling into the Routine
    By Ryan Bosson at CIEE
    The commute. The friends. The classes. We have a great group of students. Everybody is integrating into the group during our excursions and breaks. As we get to know each...keep reading
    Getting to Work!
    By Allison Powell at CIEE
    Now that participants have familiarized themselves with the basics of Dominican culture, it is time to get to work! Our time in Santiago is dedicated to three main service projects:...keep reading

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