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  • Getting in the Swing of Service
    By Kaylee Haskell at CIEE
    On Wednesday, the Global Navigators began their service-learning adventure at two different schools in Accra. Half of the group went to the Shalom Home while the rest of them headed...keep reading
  • Kpanlogo Basics
    By Kaylee Haskell at CIEE
    The air filled with “Won ya wo ya nu Koko”, as the Global Navigators learned the basics of the Kpanlogo, a popular dance performed commonly Ga people of Ghana. The...keep reading
    Making Moves and Munching on Mango
    By Kaylee Haskell at CIEE
    Akwaaba! Welcome to our HSSA Legon session one blog! We are the program leaders– Kaylee and Keyandra– and we will be updating you all as much as possible throughout our...keep reading
  • A student's Perspective
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    Bead Making The road to the bead factory was narrow, bumpy, heavy with traffic, and after such a rocky ride, I and many others expected to see something more or...keep reading
  • Volunteering in Ghana
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    Agoo, Welcome to week two of CIEE Global Navigation Study Abroad tour in Ghana. The Global navigators have been volunteering at three service sites in Accra. The sites are Shalom,...keep reading
  • Sweet Sweet Ghana
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    Our journey in Ghana has been a pleasant one. In the past week we had the opportunity to enjoy two professional dance classes, visit Cape Coast Castle, and Kakum National...keep reading
  • Life in Ghana
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    Agoo(Meaning Attention in Twi) Service Learning: CIEE students were thrilled to reach the following service learning sites on Wednesday: Crystal School of Excellence; Shalom Home Educational Center; and Future Leaders,...keep reading
  • The Beginning
    By Harriet Browne at CIEE
    The team arrived at JFK Airport on July 8, 2018. The students arrived from all parts of United States. After the long flight, we arrived to Ghana in late evening...keep reading

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