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  • A Multi Ethnic China
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    How do ethnicity and sustainability relate? In times of water crisis, should freshwater be conserved for the Dai water throwing festival? Should Tu traditions be maintained when it's easier for...keep reading
  • Weekend with host family
    By Ru Si at CIEE
    by 张雅婷 Alysa 7/13 Today was our first weekend in Beijing, as we'll as the first time we spent a day with our host family. As luck would have it,...keep reading
  • Tiananmen and the Forbidden City
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    We are now experiencing the ten hottest days in Beijing, or so our tour guide told us, a great time to visit China's most famous series of outdoor courtyards. Tiananmen...keep reading
  • Calligraphy and painting
    By Ru Si at CIEE
    our students are doing great with their community conversation. They feel more comfortable walking up to someone and to speak with them in Chinese. Yesterday, our guest speaker also gave...keep reading
    Art, Architecture, and A Little Rain
    By Margot Pinckney at CIEE
    As our travelers emerged from the subway on the way to morning classes, they discovered an absolute downpour, but it was worth being stranded on a sky-bridge in order to...keep reading
  • Day 2: roast duck and Summer Palace
    By Ru Si at CIEE
    we did so well in class that we earned our lunch with Beijing specialty: roast duck! of course, there are many other dishes like vegetables, lamb, chicken and pork. After...keep reading
  • Day 2: class activity
    By Ru Si at CIEE
    We had a great time learning Chinese. We listened to Chinese songs, paired up with peer and moved around to practice. We all conversed in Chinese all the time! We...keep reading

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