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Flexing Our Museum Muscles!
By Michael McCloskey at CIEE
Hallo aus Berlin! Finishing up week 2 everyone received has finally gotten their luggage back. Continuing on from our tour of the Mitte district of Berlin, our students had the...keep reading
  • A trip to Görlitz
    By Pieter du Plessis at CIEE
    Even though we are on a program in Berlin, our program coordinators believed it would be good for us to see a little bit more of Germany this past weekend...keep reading
    Berlin Fun, Despite Delays!
    By Aaron Wilkinson at CIEE
    Participants heading to Berlin for session II were jarred with many flight delays and cancelations due to unruly weather on the East Coast. Despite those frustrations, everyone managed to remain...keep reading
  • Grüße aus Berlin!
    By Pieter du Plessis at CIEE
    Berlin - a city with so much to see and do with its rich history and diversity, is our classroom for the next three weeks! With so much ahead of...keep reading
    Es war eine geile Zeit!
    By Julianne O'Connell at CIEE
    Mann sieht sich immer zwei mal im Leben...so sagen die deutschen! People always see each other, twice in life...at least according to Germans. We are keeping this quote in our...keep reading
  • Tempelhof: A (Air) Bridge to the Past
    By Marvin Vann Griffith at CIEE
    The story of early aviation, of Nazi mass propaganda rallies, and of the Berlin Airlift, or "air bridge" (Luftbrücke), during the Cold War is interesting on paper, but even more...keep reading
    Street Art from the Heart
    By Julianne O'Connell at CIEE
    Guten Tag, Liebe Freunde! Hello Dear Friends! Yesterday our group had the chance to experience something truly special - we went on an alternative tour of Berlin, a street art...keep reading
    Guest Blogger: Anastasiya Stefaniv
    By Julianne O'Connell at CIEE
    Herzlich Willkommen to our next guest blogger, Anastasiya Stefaniv! Anastasiya is from Illinois and is the Level 2 German class during Session 1. She writes below about the vivid contrast...keep reading

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