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  • Modernisme + Tapas
    By Pablo Martinez Diente at CIEE
    Barcelona's streets are adorned with outstanding architecture. Modernisme, Cataluña's fin de siècle take on architecture and fine arts provided students with an amazing chance to experience shapes, colors and textures...keep reading
    Valencia: Playa, Paella and Paseos
    By Nhora Gomez-Saxon at CIEE
    It was a great weekend visiting Valencia. Our 48 kids had the best time playing by the Mediterranean Sea, eating the authentic paella Valenciana, walking around the ancient city, and...keep reading
  • Biking through El Retiro
    By Eblin Molina at CIEE
    We spent a weekend in Madrid, what a beautiful city! We had a great time visiting many plazas, eating, shopping, strolling down its streets which are filled of history, and...keep reading
  • Final Presentations
    By Danielle Mason at CIEE
    For their final projects, students worked in groups to prepare presentions on different topics connected to marine science. Matteo, Sam, Kiana and Caitlin talk about endagered species There was a...keep reading

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