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  • Street art workshop
    By Kenzie B.
    After a fun weekend excursion to Brno, a few hours outside of Prague. We started a new class and went to an amazing street art workshop. We cut out stencils...keep reading
  • There's Brno Place Like Home
    By Arielle Martins at CIEE
    This weekend, the Dream Team shipped off (more literally, trained off) to the the Czech Republic's second largest city, Brno, for an overnight field trip. Our first itinerary item was...keep reading
  • What's Cooking?
    By Arielle Martins at CIEE
    On Tuesday, the Dream Team took a cooking class, in which we prepared a traditional three-part Czech meal: mushroom soup, beef goulash, and an apple strudel. The experience was expertly...keep reading
  • More than Just a Castle
    By Kassandra Valles at CIEE
    We met Eva just as we got off of the tram to tour the Prague Castle. With her cow earrings, spunky attitude, and slight Irish accent, we knew immediately that...keep reading
  • The Art of Printmaking
    By Kassandra Valles at CIEE
    It's been a long and awesome week here in Prague! Every day our students attend a three-hour art class at the Art and Design Insistute in Prague. This week's focus:...keep reading

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