Winding down to the last two weeks

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Cynthia Sánchez

As we wake up every morning and say Hola, Buenos días to our host parents. I think the students our finally embracing into the Spanish culture. For example, desayuno (breakfast) is toast w/marmalade or churros & chocolate.  They all get a lunch box packed w/yummy goodies. For la cena (dinner) the entire family eats together and talk about their day and plans for the next day. A tradition that is very common here in Spain and something that gets lost in the states due to the American lifestyle. 

Desayuno: Breakfast 

 Almuerzo: Lunch 

Cena: Dinner 

All breakfast and dinner with Host Families. In Spain, even though the food is amazing, it´s not what is on the table that matters but who is sharing the meal with you. It is important to the Host families that each student really feels like they are part of their family. A connection most will keep for a lifetime.

As we go into week 3, getting to school has become much easier. Most have become expert navigators on the metro. So getting to the Mission ñ and Cultural Activities is a breeze. And talking about the breeze, we don´t have one here. However as the weather for this week is at a high of about 100-103 degrees, these students are doing an excellent job staying cool by looking for shade under the big trees in Retiro Park or going shopping for a new wardrobe or souvenirs. 

They are keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of cold water. We suggest that they should eat more fruits and veggies but they and the PLs prefer to eat plenty of helados (ice cream) instead. 


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La Pecera


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